Take People For a Ride in the 2019 Ford Ranger

Even though the 2019 Ford Ranger at Satcher Ford is designed to be athletic and capable, it is also designed to give people a ride. Therefore, if you have people that are going to need to get somewhere with you, then you have options on how you can give them a ride.

One thing that the 2019 Ford Ranger offers is the choice between SuperCab and SuperCrew. You have the option of using the rear seat of the Ranger for carrying items with the SuperCab seating arrangement. You also get to enjoy storage space under the seat of the SuperCab.

The SuperCrew is a more comfortable version of the Ford Ranger. This gives you a little more room in the vehicle. Another difference between the SuperCab and SuperCrew is the length of the truck bed. The SuperCab has a 6ft bed while the SuperCrew has a 5ft bed.

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