Great Technologies are Included with the Ford EcoSport

While driving a Ford EcoSport, you can access great safety tools and fun entertainment solutions. Many EcoSport vehicles that are equipped with helpful technologies are available at Satcher Motor Company in Graniteville, SC.

On crowded highways, the process of switching lanes can be challenging. Ford engineers understand the safety risks on busy highways, which is why all EcoSport automobiles have a Blind Spot Information System. The technology that powers this system relies on a sensor. When another vehicle gets within a practical range, the sensor triggers a warning so that a driver can make changes to boost safety on the road. The BSLS interacts with an eight-inch console in the cabin.

If you need an automobile with UBS ports, voice recognition options, and technologies that sync with the latest smart phones, the Ford EcoSport is a practical choice. You'll begin each adventure quickly without any delay if you take advantage of the included Intelligent Access tool, which starts the engine remotely.

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