Ford Mustang Active Performance Exhaust Audio

The Ford Mustang has an all-new look, and it’s been turning heads by sports car lovers. With personalized performance, the Active Valve Performance Exhaust system is an additional option that allows drivers to alter how the exhaust sounds. You can change the Mustang GT’s exhaust to new levels, whether you prefer quiet, normal, sport, or track modes.

The different sound modes allow you to get into a whisper quiet mode for early morning starts, or if you want to accelerate at full power, you can turn it up to track mode and hear that V8 power. The Mustang GT is the best option for a premium sport package, so this new exhaust audio allows you to take it one step further.

Ready to get into the latest Mustang GT? Why not try out the options and add on racing features? You can test out the Ford Mustang GT with its new exhaust system at Satcher Motor Company located in Graniteville, SC.

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